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About Us

Our goal has remained consistent since our early roots with VoIP back in 2006.  We were determined to overcome a significant obstacle faced by small & medium-sized businesses by delivering “big business” type Telecommunication/IT solutions & services to these businesses at a very reasonable price point.  This philosophy has not changed. 


Our business implementation strategy & a strong commitment to excellence has contributed to our success (over 5,000 Customers) by establishing our ability to offer, and reliably implement, a myriad of advanced telecommunication solutions & services deemed critical to businesses desiring to keep pace with the rapid technological evolution within the IT &communications market.


Our commitment to each customer is to deliver/implement high-quality (HD) Phone & Internet Services, cloud-based “as a Service” solutions, regulatory compliance strategies (PCI, SOX, HIPPA, etc.), personalized in-depth analysis, reasonable prices & insightful recommendations in the use of today’s continually evolving IT & communication technologies to improve/streamline your business operations resulting in bottom-line revenue growth.

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